The EU Alumni Rifle Club has a committee consisting of five posts.


The Captain has responsibility for team selections, and also acts as chairman at committee meetings and at general meetings.

The current Captain is Lynda Sinclair, a graduate of Aberdeen and Heriot Watt Universities.


The Secretary is responsible for the day to day running of the club, handling membership applications and renewals, and for ensuring that affiliations and competition entries are made on time.

The current (acting) Secretary is Martin Sinclair


The Treasurer is responsible for the financial solvency of the club, and ensures that membership and entry fees are charged to club members, and that they (at least occasionally) make efforts to pay their debts to the club.

The current Treasurer is Susan Jackson.

Match Secretary

The Match Secretary is the person who draws the short straw, and deals with the posting of shot targets to the correct markers by the correct date (hopefully).

The current Match Secretary is Martin Sinclair, husband of the current Captain. Martin also serves on the joint University/Alumni Range Committee.

Ordinary Member

This post is filled by one of the University committee, traditionally the Captain, and the main role is to ensure communication takes places between the two clubs.

The current ordinary member of the committee is Jamie Cole-Hamilton.

Office Bearers to date
   Captain  Secretary  Treasurer  Match Secretary  Ordinary Member
 1985/6  Don Drury

 Alastair Murchison
 Simon Riley  Graham Frost
 1986/7  Don Drury

 Alastair Murchison
 Simon Riley  Graham Frost
 1987/8  Cliff Ogle

 Shirley Smith
 Willy Low  Donald McIntosh
 1988/9  Willy Low

 Shirley Smith
 Donald McIntosh  Ian Harrison
 1989/90  Donald McIntosh  Donnie Westwater  Shirley Smith  Willy Low  Mike Carson
 1990/1  Donald McIntosh  Willy Low
 Neil MacDonald
 Shirley Smith  Tricia Littlechild  Andrew Herron
 1991/2  Donald McIntosh  Neil MacDonald  Shirley Smith  Alan Richardson  Scott Anderson
 1992/3  Cliff Ogle  Neil MacDonald  Shirley McIntosh  Alan Richardson  Lance Graham
 1993/4  Neil MacDonald
 Donald McIntosh
 Martin Sinclair  Shirley McIntosh  Alan Richardson  Stuart Clark
 1994/5  Donald McIntosh  Shirley McIntosh  Lynda Marlow  Alan Richardson  Susan Bell
 1995/6  Donald McIntosh  Shirley McIntosh  Lynda Marlow  Martin Sinclair  Sophie Glenton
 1996/7  Donald McIntosh  Shirley McIntosh  Lynda Marlow  Martin Sinclair  John Gray
 1997/8  Martin Sinclair  Shirley McIntosh  Ronnie Sellar  Lynda Sinclair  Beverley Burnside
 1998/9  Martin Sinclair  Sophie Glenton  Susan Bell  Lynda Sinclair  Beverley Burnside
 1999/2000  Lynda Sinclair  Donald McIntosh  Susan Jackson  Martin Sinclair  Mary Boston
 2000/1  Lynda Sinclair  Donald McIntosh  Susan Jackson  Martin Sinclair  Ed Jenkins
 2001/2  Lynda Sinclair  John Munn  Susan Jackson  Martin Sinclair  Simon
 2002/3  Lynda Sinclair  Martin Sinclair  Susan Jackson  Martin Sinclair  Jamie Cole-Hamilton