Although the club was formed at the very end of 1985, it was to be the 1986/7 winter season before the members began to compete independently of the Edinburgh University club, and since then Alumni teams have won many competitions. Initially we entered a number of local county leagues, including the Border Rifle League, Fife & Kinross, Perthshire and West of Scotland, but gradually interest in those waned as we moved more and more towards 3 positions and air rifle. We continue to support our "home" county of Lothian, along with the local Home Guard league, but most of our indoor competitive efforts are targeted at the National leagues run by the NSRA. Outdoors we have supported the various Scottish and British Championships, along with opening meetings across the UK. While competing in these competitions, club teams have set many Scottish and British records also.

In addition to team competitions, many club members have achieved notable results in domestic and international competitions. Club members have represented Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales at various levels up to Commonwealth Games. Some members have also gone onto represent Great Britain up to World Championship level. We await our first Olympian!

Listed below are some of the highlights of the team and individual performances over the lifespan of the club.

Team Competitions

Lothian Smallbore Shooting Association

 Shoulder to Shoulder League, Division 1  1986/7, 1989/90, 1990/1, 1991/2, 1995/6, 1997/8
 Postal League, Division 1  1986/7, 1987/8, 1989/90, 1995/6, 1998/9, 1999/2000
 50 yards Indoor League  1987/8, 1988/9, 1989/90, 1990/1 (discontinued)

Lothian & Peebleshire Home Guard Rifle Clubs Association

 Prestonpans Cup  ???
 Shoulder to Shoulder League, Division 1  1999/2000, 2000/1

Scottish Smallbore Rifle Association

 50m Matchplay League  1989, 1990, 1991 (discontinued)

National Smallbore Rifle Association

 Scottish Short Range Team Championship (Scottish Cup)  1987/8, 1988/9, 1995/6
 Scottish Meeting 50m Team Championship (Pullar Targe)  1988, 1989, 1994
 Scottish Meeting 100 yards Team Championship (ICI Cup)  1987, 1988, 1990, 1994, 1996
 Scottish Meeting Aggregate Team  1987, 1988, 1989, 1990
 Summer Standing & Kneeling League, Division 1  1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999
 Winter Standing & Kneeling League, Division 1  1993/4, 1997/8, 1998/9, 1999/2000, 2000/1
 Womens League, Division 1  1993/4, 1995/6, 1998/9, 2000/1
 British Postal Air Rifle Championship  1998/9, 1999/2000
 National Meeting Weekend Aggregate Team  1987, 1988
 National Meeting Aggregate Team  1988, 1989, 1990
 National Meeting 50m Team Championship  1988, 1989
 National Meeting 100 yards Team Championship  1987, 1989, 1990
 National Meeting 3x40 Team Championship  1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1995, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001
 National Meeting Air Rifle Team Championship  1996, 1998

Individual Competitions

Domestic Championships

 Earl Haig Scottish Long Range Prone Championship  Will Low (1987), Gordon Winch (1990), Martin Sinclair (2001)
 Scottish Short Range Matchplay Championship (The Speedway)  Cliff Ogle (1989)
 Scottish Long Range Matchplay Championship (The Freuchie)  Shirley Smith (1989), Bill Murray (1994), Donald McIntosh (1995)
 Scottish Men's 3x40 Championship  Simon Riley (1987), Cliff Ogle (1988), Bill Murray (1990), Ronnie Sellar (1993), Martin Sinclair (1997, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002), Donald McIntosh (1998)
 Scottish Women's 3x20 Championship  Shirley McIntosh (1994, 1995, 1998, 2000), Tricia Littlechild (1996), Lynda Marlow (1997)
 Scottish Men's ISSF Prone Championship  Donald McIntosh (1999), Martin Sinclair (2002)
 Scottish Women's ISSF Prone Championship  Susan Bell (1999)
 Scottish Air Rifle Championship  Simon Riley (1987), Ronnie Sellar (1993), Donald McIntosh (1996)
 Scottish Women's Air Rifle Championship  Tricia Littlechild (1993, 1999),Shirley McIntosh (1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2000)
 Scottish Prone Grand Prix Series  Gordon Winch (1987, 1989), Cliff Ogle (1988, 1991, 1993, 1994, 1997), Donald McIntosh (1999), Martin Sinclair (2000)
 Scottish 3x40 Grand Prix Series  Donald McIntosh (1990, 1991, 1994, 1998), Ronnie Sellar (1993, 1995), Martin Sinclair (1997, 1999, 2000, 2001), Cliff Ogle (2002)
 Scottish Meeting Class X Aggregate  Gordon Winch (1987), Cliff Ogle (1989, 1993), Bill Murray (1990)
 English Open 3x40 Championship  Donald McIntosh (2001)
 Northern Ireland Long Range Prone Championship  Cliff Ogle (1987, 1988, 1990, 1997, 1998, 2001)
 Lord Roberts British Long Range Prone Championship  Cliff Ogle (1987, 1997)
 British 3x40 Championship (NSRA Rules)  Bill Murray (1990), Ronnie Sellar (1998), Martin Sinclair (2000, 2002)
 British Women's 3x20 Championship (NSRA Rules)  Shirley McIntosh (1993)
 National Meeting Class X Aggregate  Cliff Ogle (1988, 1989, 1995)
 British Women's Open Meeting Championship  Shirley Smith (1988, 1989), Lynda Marlow (1994)
 British Men's ISSF 3x40 Championship  Ronnie Sellar (1999), Martin Sinclair (2000, 2001)
 British Women's ISSF 3x20 Championship  Lynda Sinclair (2001)
 British Men's ISSF Prone Championship  Martin Sinclair (1997, 2002)
 British Women's ISSF Prone Championship  Shirley McIntosh (1997)
 British Short Range 3P Championship  Shirley McIntosh (1994/5), Martin Sinclair (2000/1, 2002/3)
 British Women's Short Range Championship  Fiona Rankin (1993/4), Lynda Marlow (1995/6), Susan Bell (1997/8)
 Northern Ireland Short Range Prone Championship  Cliff Ogle (1991/2, 1993/4, 1997/8, 2000/1)

International Representation

 World Cup, Suhl, East Germany 1989  Shirley Smith, Cliff Ogle (both Great Britain)
 Pershing Match, Camp Perry. USA 1989  Cliff Ogle, Gordon Winch (both Great Britain)
 Nordic Championships, Gävle, Sweden 1989  Shirley Smith (Great Britain)
 Commonwealth Games, Auckland, New Zealand 1990  Cliff Ogle (Northern Ireland), Bill Murray (3x40 Pairs Bronze Medal), Gordon Winch (both Scotland)
 World Cup, Suhl, East Germany 1990  Cliff Ogle (Great Britain)
 World Cup, Munich, West Germany 1990  Shirley Smith, Cliff Ogle (both Great Britain)
 World Cup, Zagreb, Yugoslavia 1991  Cliff Ogle (Great Britain)
 World Cup, Munich, Germany 1991  Cliff Ogle (Great Britain)
 Roberts Match, Bisley, Great Britain 1993  Cliff Ogle (Great Britain)
 World Cup, Fort Benning, USA 1994  Bill Murray (Great Britain)
 World Cup, Barcelona, Spain 1994  Shirley McIntosh (Great Britain)
 World Championships, Milan, Italy 1994  Shirley McIntosh (Great Britain)
 Commonwealth Games, Victoria, Canada 1994  Cliff Ogle (Northern Ireland), Bill Murray (3x40 Pairs Silver Medal), Tricia Littlechild (Prone Pairs Silver, Prone Individual Bronze), Shirley McIntosh (Prone Pairs Silver, Prone Individual Gold, all Scotland)
 World Cup, Havana, Cuba 1995  Shirley McIntosh (Great Britain)
 World Cup, Munich, Germany 1995  Shirley McIntosh (Great Britain)
 World Cup, Milan, Italy 1995  Shirley McIntosh (Great Britain)
 European Championships, Zurich, Switzerland 1995  Shirley McIntosh (Great Britain)
 Commonwealth Championships, New Dehli, India 1995  Cliff Ogle (Northern Ireland), Tricia Littlechild, Lynda Marlow, Ronnie Sellar (3x40 Pairs Bronze), Martin Sinclair (all Scotland)
 Pershing Match, Camp Perry, USA 1997  Cliff Ogle (Great Britain)
 Commonwealth Championships, Langkawi, Malaysia 1997  Beverley Burnside, Cliff Ogle (both Northern Ireland), Shirley McIntosh (3x20 Individual Silver), Tricia Littlechild, Lynda Marlow, Susan Bell, Ronnie Sellar, Martin Sinclair, Donald McIntosh (all Scotland)
 World Championships, Barcelona, Spain 1998  Susan Bell (Great Britain)
 Commonwealth Games, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 1998  Cliff Ogle (Northern Ireland), Tricia Littlechild, Shirley McIntosh (Prone Pairs Bronze, 3x20 Pairs Bronze), Susan Bell (Prone Pairs Bronze), Martin Sinclair, Ronnie Sellar (all Scotland)
 European Championships, Bordeaux, France 1999  Susan Bell (Great Britain)
 Commonwealth Championships, Auckland, New Zealand 1999  Cliff Ogle (Northern Ireland), Martin Sinclair (3x40 Pairs Gold), Donald McIntosh (3x40 Pairs Gold), Tricia Littlechild, Lynda Sinclair, Susan Bell (all Scotland)
 European Championships, Zagreb, Croatia 2001  Susan Jackson (Great Britain)
 Roberts Match, Bisley, Great Britain 2001  Cliff Ogle, Donald McIntosh (both Great Britain)
 Commonwealth Championships, Bisley, England, 2001  Cliff Ogle (Northern Ireland), Martin Sinclair (3x40 Pairs Gold), Donald McIntosh (3x40 Pairs Gold), Susan Jackson (Prone Pairs Gold), Lynda Sinclair (all Scotland)
 World Cup, Shanghai, China 2002  Donald McIntosh (3x40 MQS) (Great Britain)
 World Cup, Atlanta, USA 2002  Donald McIntosh (3x40 MQS), Martin Sinclair (Prone MQS, 3x40 MQS) (Great Britain)
 Commonwealth Games, Bisley, England, 2002  Susan Jackson (Prone Pairs Silver), Donald McIntosh, Lynda Sinclair, Martin Sinclair (all Scotland)

Brtitish Records

Individual Records (Men and Women's Records Separate)

 Event  Scores  Status
 40 shots Prone at 50m
 National Meeting, Bisley 1991
 Donald McIntosh - 399  Superseded by Ronnie Sellar, Bisley 1998
 3x20 at 50m
 National Squad Trials, Bisley 1993
 Shirley McIntosh - 574  Superseded by Karen Morton, Munich 1995
 60 Prone at 50m
 Grampian Open, Aberdeen 1997
 Susan Bell - 593  Superseded by Susan Bell, Warrington 1998
 3x20 at 50m
 Hampshire Open, Headley Park 1998
 Shirley McIntosh - 578  Superseded by Becky Spicer, 2002
 60 Prone at 50m
 Appleton Open, Warrington 1998
 Susan Bell - 594  Superseded by Becky Spicer, 1999
 40 Prone at 50m
 National Meeting, Bisley 1998
 Ronnie Sellar - 400  Current record.

Team Records

 Event  Scores  Status
 British 50m Team Championship,
 National Meeting, Bisley 1988
 Gordon Winch  399
 Bill Murray  398
 Cliff Ogle  396
 Simon Riley  391


 Unbeaten, but superseded by change in targets in 1989
 British 100yards Team Championship,
 National Meeting, Bisley 1989
 Cliff Ogle  392
 Willy Low  388
 Bill Hamilton  386
 Gordon Winch  383


 Superseded by Bedford, Scottish Meeting, 1991
 British 3x40 Team Championship,
 National Meeting, Bisley 1990
 Bill Murray  1122
 Cliff Ogle  1103
 Donald McIntosh  1078


 Superseded, by E U Alumni, Bisley 1992
 NSRA Women's League 1990/1
 Lynda Marlow  100
 Tricia Littlechild  100
 Fiona Rankin  100
 Shirley Smith  98


 Current record.
 NSRA Standing & Kneeling League 1991
 Cliff Ogle  190
 Donald McIntosh  189
 Ronnie Sellar  185


 Superseded by Chobham, S&K League 1992/3
 British 3x40 Team Championship,
 National Meeting, Bisley 1992
 Cliff Ogle  1127
 Ronnie Sellar  1119
 Shirley Smith  1113


 Superseded, by E U Alumni, Bisley 1993
 British 3x40 Team Championship,
 National Meeting, Bisley 1993
 Shirley McIntosh  1135
 Ronnie Sellar  1124
 Cliff Ogle  1121


 Superseded, by E U Alumni, Bisley 2000
 British 10m Air Rifle Team Championship,
 British Open Championships, Aldersley 1996
 Tricia Littlechild  581
 Ronnie Sellar  574
 Donald McIntosh  568


 Superseded by Glenrothes, Alderlsey 1999
 NSRA Standing & Kneeling League 1997
 Ronnie Sellar  194
 Donald McIntosh  193
 Shirley McIntosh  179


 Superseded by E U Alumni, S&K League 1998/9
 NSRA Standing & Kneeling League 1998/9
 Martin Sinclair  193
 Donald McIntosh  188
 Ronnie Sellar  186


 Current record.
 British 3x40 Team Championship,
 National Meeting, Bisley 2000
 Martin Sinclair  1150
 Donald McIntosh  1129
 Cliff Ogle  1120


 Current record.